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Bare Bottoms Organics Blog

Natural and Organic products for your little one

  • Holle Organic and Lebenswert Organic Infant formula stage one back in stock!

    We now have Holle and Lebenswert stage one formula back in stock at Bare Bottoms Organics! We work hard to keep our products in stock.  Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Bare Bottoms Organics!

    Click Here >> Holle Stage 1 <<

    Click Here >> Lebenswert 1 <<

    Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula



  • What is DHA and ARA? How is it made and why is it in FDA approved baby formula?

    DHA and ARA are ingredients extracted with neurotoxic solvents from algae and soil fungus C. Cohnii oil (DHA) and M. Alpina oil (ARA):


    These excerpts were taken from various articles. We hope they can help you educate yourself on DHA/ARA and the dangers of US based baby formulas. Even those marketed as organic.

    DHA and ARA are in most FDA approved baby formulas.

    The oils were manufactured by Royal DSM, using processes and synthetic ingredients that are not approved for use in organics.

    Studies repeatedly fail to show benefits from adding these additives to formula, and the FDA has been receiving dozens of reports from parents and pediatricians who noticed some babies do not tolerate these ingredients.

    DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid, and ARA is an omega-6 fatty acid.  Both are naturally found in human milk, and DHA is a component of brain and eye tissue.  But the DHA and ARA added to most brands of infant formula are extracted from factory-produced algae and fungus that have never been part of the human diet, let alone the diet of infants.

    In 2011 the World Health Organization’s Director of Nutrition for Health and Development wrote a letter to members of the European parliament stating, “WHO does not have a recommendation about the addition of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to formula milk…..to date no solid evidence exists to be able to say that adding DHA to infant formula will have important clinical benefits. Were WHO to give such a recommendation, it would have to follow a strict guideline development process based on grading of all available evidence collected through systematic reviews by expert panels free from conflict of interest.”


    Researcher Dr. Mijna Hadders-Algra,  Professor of Developmental Neurology,  is conducting a long-term follow-up study of children who were either breastfed or fed on DHA (with AHA) or non-DHA supplemented formula, warned MEPs that the DHA claim is not supported by the body of scientific research and that there is evidence of minor long-term negative impacts. She explained:

    “Breastmilk contains DHA, but this does not imply if we supply infants with DHA in an artifical dosage that this will promote health or development. What we learned from our studies that it is the balance between fatty acids which plays a prominant role. Supplying one, may have a negative impact on other fatty acids with net negative effect. Breastmilk most likely contains the adequate balances, suggesting that nature knows how to handle this.”


    There are those who try to mask the scientific evidence against these chemicals.  These people are generally on the payroll for companies manufacturing the formula or chemicals.  One such intervention by Professor Berthold Koletzko a researcher who has for years worked with the baby food industry. He is the recipient of the Freedom to Discover Award of the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, owner of Mead Johnson at the time, the company that filed the application to use DHA claims on formula. Prof. Koletzko is also lead author of a paper recommending the addition of DHA to formula (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18184094 ) which is widely used by the industry and arose from a scientific workshop; the paper acknowledges: “The scientific workshop held at Barcelona was financially supported by Martek Biosciences Corporation.” He wrote to MEPs in the name of the German Paediatric Association, but did not declare his many industry connections.

    Martek Biosciences manufactures the DHA additives used by the majority of formula companies. In 1996, investment advisors Hambrecht & Quist suggested investing in Martek Bio-sciences Corporation, saying:

    “Even if Formulaide (DHA/AHA) had no benefit we think that it would be widely incorporated into most formulas as a marketing tool and to allow companies to promote their formula as ‘closest to human milk’.”






  • Deceptive Trade Practices by organic baby brands

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) are threatening to sue Gerber Products Company and its parent company, Nestle, as well as Campbell Soup Company for engaging in deceptive marketing and labeling of their products.


    CSPI is claiming that the ingredients are being advertised as healthy when in fact the product contains large amounts of less healthful ingredients, such as apple juice (high sugar), that are not identified on the label. They further claim that the healthful ingredients being advertised are only present in small amounts, though they are the main focus of the advertising on the label. The imaging on the products show the lower quantity healthy ingredients, while the less healthy ingredients are not shown in images at all. This mis-labeling includes the "Plum Organics" brand of food products, whose parent company is Campbell Soup. These Plum Organics products will have Kale or Berries advertised as a main ingredient when in fact the product is full of less nutritious ingredients like fruit juice or puree, some of which are not on the label.

    CSPI goes on to state that the consumer is a victim of bait and switch techniques using this false advertisement on their product labels. Organic wording is being used on the products when actually the product might not contain all or mostly organic components.

    CSPI plans to move forward with legal action if Gerber and Nestle do not rectify their deceptive labeling and marketing. Here are links to the actual letters sent by CSPI to the companies.

    Letter to Plum Organics
    Letter to Gerber



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  • How to stop your baby from biting!

    Our 11 month old has recently started biting.  She seems to bite in play and bite in frustration.  We have read many ideas on how to stop the biting, but for a 11 month old we are not sure how much they can grasp and understand.  We have seen the following:

        Use a keyword such as "NO BITE" with a gesture such as pinching or touching their lips


        As soon as they bite start crying/wailing so the child knows they hurt you.  They may not understand "Ouch" or "That hurts!" but they do understand crying.


        Some sort of time out


        Bite back! (At what age is this effective?)


        When you know they are going to bite, move their hand/arm to their mouth so they bite themselves.


    What do you think?  We think the most important path, whatever you choose, is to be consistent!  This goes for a child of any age.  With discipline and learning consistency is key!


  • Holle stage 1 back in stock

    We now have Holle stage one formula back in stock!  Due to shortages with distribution it has been hard to come by.  We are working hard to keep stock on hand.  Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Bare Bottoms Organics!


    Holle Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula

  • Bare Bottoms Organics has officially launched!!!

    Bare Bottoms Organics


    We are excited to announce the launch of our new website!  We are commited to providing our customers with a one stop site for organic baby items.  We are working hard to source the best organic and natural baby products available.

    Our story began with the birth of our daughter in September of 2014. We had every intention on breastfeeding, however my body had other plans.  I couldn’t produce enough to satisfy our new baby girl, so we began doing research for the best formula on the market. After weeks of research we finally settled on Holle, a German made formula; we loved it so much we began selling it on our eBay page.  After discovering what goes in to baby formula we did a little digging as to what goes in to other baby products.  Everything from bottles, to diapers, to clothing is full of chemicals we don't want near our baby.  That's when we decided to go organic.  We looked at a ton of organic baby websites, but noticed there really wasn’t one that had everything in one place….so we started our own.  Our goal is to have any, and every, natural and organic item needed for your baby in one place.

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